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Tasmania’s Worst – 3 pests in Autumn

Back to News The morning air is becoming crisp in Tasmania as Summer is behind us and Winter is on the horizon. Does the colder weather mean our pest issues are behind us? unfortunately not! many pests breed throughout Autumn and Winter, but also seek shelter in our warm homes. So what pests might we […]

Holy snake! Snakes in Tasmania

Back to News All snakes in Tasmania are venomous. The three species of snake you will find are: Tiger, Lowland Copperhead and White-lipped. The Tiger snake species is the top culprit for snakebites in the state, and second to the brown snake Australia wide. How to avoid snake encounters As pest controllers, we often get […]

Insect bite & Sting Identification

Back to News Insect bites and stings can be hard to identify yourself. Let’s take a look at common Tasmanian culprits. Spider Bites Spider bite severity varies depending on which species has bitten you. Typically a spider bite is hard to distinguish from any other bug, its may be: Red, itchy & inflamed. Pain radiating […]

Invasion of the Portuguese Millipede

Back to News Portuguese Millipedes were introduced into Australia in the 1950’s and have colonised Southern parts of Australia rapidly since then. They are not harmful to animals or humans, but they can be a significant nuisance when they invade homes and gardens in large numbers. Why do i get invaded every year?Do you have […]

Doing Our Part – Eco Friendly Pest Control

Back to News Do you really know what is being sprayed around your home? When most people hear “pesticide” their mental image is something like the old, highly toxic, organophosphate insecticides. Thankfully, pesticides have changed over the last few decades, thanks to the advance in technology and increasing demand for organic products. However many insecticides […]

6 things to consider when hiring a Pest Control Company

Back to News With technology at your fingertips, shopping around for the right Pest Control Company may make life a little easier… and a whole lot more confusing. There are countless conflicting opinions on the net, and the range of choices may be overwhelming. If not eliminated properly, pests can double up over a short […]

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