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Real Estate Pest Control

Real Estate & Body corporate/strata pest control

Discreet, fast & effective pest control

We are experts in treating and monitoring a whole range of pests in low to high density body corporate complexes and developments, including duplex units and townhouses. We regularly service commercial & tenanted properties and understand the difficulties associated with issues such as scheduling access times for tenants and residents.

We understand that finding a qualified Pest Manager with experience in Real Estate & Body Corporate/Strata concerns can be difficult. Scorpion Pest Management is known for our unparalleled experience and exceptional client service standards, constantly providing excellence for Real Estate & Body Corp/Strata managed properties.

One of the most challenging issues property & Body Corp/Strata managers face is dealing with pest infestations. While some insects merely annoy occupants, others can jeopardize both tenant health and property value.

Why you need Real Estate & Body Corp/strata Pest Control?

Pest management is critical for protecting the health, safety, and value of properties, as well as guaranteeing resident satisfaction in communal living areas.
Common places are often shared, such as corridors, lobbies, and outdoor spaces. Pest infestations in these common places may quickly spread to several apartments if not addressed, making good pest management critical to maintaining a sanitary environment for all occupants.
Providing reliable pest control services demonstrates a commitment to tenant satisfaction and can help retain residents by creating a more comfortable and pleasant living environment.

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Why Use Scorpion?

Pest Control Specialists

We have over a decade’s experience in the pest control industry and have thousands of satisfied customers.

Award Winning Service

We have won multiple business awards recognising our professionalism & dedication to customer satisfaction.

Multiple Payment Options

We can accept a multitude of payment options so you have the freedom to choose your favourite.

Safe & Effective

We use the most advanced pest control technologies to treat infestations ensuring safe & effective solutions.

Friendly Team

Speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable support team member to get a Pest control quote on the spot.

Environmentally Friendly

We are dedicated to providing incredibly effective pest control treatments that are environmentaly responsible.

Minimal Disruption

Our services are prompt & we will manage tenant & resident appointments, minimising any disruption to them as much as possible.

Comprehensive Report

You will receive detailed reports from our technicians after all services.

utmost discretion

Our skilled team conducts their tasks with utmost discretion, guaranteeing minimal disturbance to your clients.

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Our four step process


Inspect & Assess

Our qualified Scorpion technicians will carry out a thorough inspection to ascertain the level and location of any pest infestation at the facility.



Formulate Report & Quote

Formulate a full report and quote, followed by the design of a suitable treatment schedule to suit your needs and specific pest issues.



Prevention & Treatment

Treat property on a scheduled basis and provide you with an accurate, up-to-date report of all findings and chemical applications.



Scheduled Monitoring

Monitor the property to ensure pest infestation has been managed. We highly recommend that you schedule our ongoing monitoring services.

Methods for minimizing the likelihood of pest presence within your Real Estate & Body Corp/Strata properties

  • Implement effective waste disposal practices, such as securely sealing garbage bins, promptly removing trash, and keeping garbage storage areas clean to minimize food sources for pests.
  • Seal any gaps, cracks, or openings in walls, windows, doors, and utility penetrations to prevent pests from entering the building.
  • Keep common areas, hallways, stairwells, and other shared spaces clean and free of clutter to eliminate hiding spots and food sources for pests.
  • Encourage residents to store food in sealed containers and to promptly clean up spills or crumbs to avoid attracting pests.
  • Trim vegetation away from the building, remove debris, and eliminate standing water to reduce pest harbourage sites around the property.
  • Install door sweeps, screens on windows, and weather stripping to prevent pests from entering the building through gaps and openings.
  • Provide information and resources to residents about pest prevention practices, such as proper waste disposal, food storage, and reporting any pest sightings promptly.
  • Implementing these strategies can help reduce the risk of pests in your strata buildings and create a healthier, more comfortable living environment for residents.

Contact us to find out our treatment solutions for any pests or to talk about regular scheduled pest inspections.

For Real Estate, Body Corp/Strata agents & managers, please send your work order to

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