Deceased Animal Removal Services

Locate and remove deceased animals in Tasmanian commercial and residential properties.

Scorpion offers dead animal removal and smell eradication services, to Hobart and surrounds. Possums, Birds & Rodents are all common culprits, that can get into your walls, roof cavity and crawl spaces and die. The lingering odour left behind is often quite strong and unpleasant. When a technician removes the deceased animal, they will try to identify the source of entry. Looking at wall cavities and roof cavities to see where the animals might have entered is an important prevention method. Sometimes, the location of a deceased animal is in an area, that may be difficult to access without damaging walls etc. So we can use odour eliminating products, until decomposition is finished.

Our Hobart dead animal removal professionals have the appropriate safety equipment and training to reduce the risk of spreading diseases, bacteria, and other contamination that can arise from expired animals. Deceased animals may also attract more pests. Please don't handle the corpse directly, and leave it to the professionals. You also risk spreading diseases to vulnerable members of your household.

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