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Deceased Animal removal

Deceased Animal Removal Services

Locate and remove deceased animals in commercial & residential properties.

Scorpion offers dead animal removal and smell eradication services, to Hobart and surrounds. Possums, Birds & Rodents are all common culprits, that can get into your walls, roof cavity and crawl spaces and die. The lingering odour left behind is often quite strong and unpleasant. When a technician removes the deceased animal, they will try to identify the source of entry. Looking at wall cavities and roof cavities to see where the animals might have entered is an important prevention method. Sometimes, the location of a deceased animal is in an area, that may be difficult to access without damaging walls etc. So we can use odour eliminating products, until decomposition is finished.

Our Hobart dead animal removal professionals have the appropriate safety equipment and training to reduce the risk of spreading diseases, bacteria, and other contamination that can arise from expired animals. Deceased animals may also attract more pests. Please don’t handle the corpse directly, and leave it to the professionals. You also risk spreading diseases to vulnerable members of your household.

Commonly Removed animals

Commonly removed deceased animals in Tasmania are:

  • Kangaroos
  • Wallabies
  • Possums
  • Rodents
  • Birds
  • Cats

There are no limitations to the deceased animals we remove, we have even taken care of goats and deer. The team at Scorpion understand the sensitive nature and urgency when you call and that is why we provide prompt same day servicing.

It is critical to ensure that animal corpses are buried after detection, within a reasonable timeframe to limit access by dogs and other animals; to prevent the spread of a variety of animal illnesses such as Hydatids, Sarcocystis, and Botulism.

Signs You May Have A Deceased Animal At Your Home Or Business?

Smell- A strong, unpleasant odour is one of the most prominent indications. Animal remains that are decaying can create a unique and strong odour that is typically characterised as rotten or putrid.

Flies & other insects- A dead animal may have been present in a particular region if there are an excessive number of flies, maggots, or other insects there. These insects are drawn to organic materials that is decomposing.

Unusual pet activity- Dogs and cats may behave strangely, such as digging or paying more attention to a particular area in your yard, which might mean they have smelled the fragrance of a dead animal.

Why Choose Scorpion For Your Deceased Animal Removal?

Professionals Who Are skilled and Experienced – Our skilled and experienced technicians have the knowledge and competence to manage any deceased animal removal issue whether it is for your home or business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Humans and other animals may be at danger for illness from dead animals. In addition to scavengers they may also draw disease-carrying flies and other insects. These scavengers have the potential to infect humans, pets, and other animals with parasites and illnesses from the deceased animal.

We are your best choice! Our highly qualified specialists ensure dependable and effective service while making sure your property is free of animal waste. You can rely on us to do the task quickly and efficiently.

As a result of the decomposition process, dead animals smell awful. Numerous microbes, mostly bacteria, start decomposing an animal’s tissues and organic substances as it dies by releasing gases, chemicals, and compounds.

The average time needed is 30mins-1 hour and is based on a number of circumstances, including the animal’s size, location, and accessibility to the region.

No, this is not necessary. Scorpion technicians will remove the carcass from the designated region. You do not need to leave.

The price of deceased animal removal varies according on the location, size, and complexity of the disposal process. We can provide you an instant quote when contacting our team.

Yes, absolutely! We provide our customers with same-day services at their convenience.

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"Great service. We have used these guys for many years now. Excellent customer service and very accommodating. Thank you!"

Michelle Gilligan

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