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Meth Testing

Meth Testing

Real estate | rental properties | Screening between tenants | pre-purchase screening

More and more property owners and tenants are being affected by methamphetamine contaminated properties. Scorpion is industry certified and are capable of testing for traces of meth in contaminated dwellings. Property’s that have been used as a meth lab or area for personal use can cost thousands of dollars to repair, have devastating effects on health and carry legal implications for Duty of care too.

Our meth testing service is prefect for real estates, regular rental property screening, screening between tenants and pre-purchase screening.

The testing process

Phase One

Instant Testing
Complete inspection of entire property & proceed with residue swab testing using instant tests. If any of the swabs show a positive reading, we will recommend to proceed to phase 2 of testing.

Phase Two

Individual Testing
Individual testing will determine exactly what room/area is affected and what levels of meth you are dealing with so that you can proceed with the decontamination process.

Phase Three

Post Remediation Testing
This phase is conducted after the property has gone through the decontamination process to confirm the levels are now negative.

Who should consider Meth Residue Testing?

  • Property Manager’s – Regularly screen at the beginning/end of a lease, to adhere to your duty of care.
  • Landlords – Annual or end of lease testing is recommended, to make sure your home is protected and won’t cost you thousands in the end.
  • Home buyers – pre-purchase testing to save you costly repairs if the house in contaminated.
  • Airbnb – If you run an Airbnb business, you may have short term tenants frequently coming and going. Meth testing is another way you can provide peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Living in a contaminated property can have serious health consequences such as dizziness, headaches, sleep disorders, behavioural issues and breathing problems.

It is quite difficult to tell if your property is contaminated without professional testing, but there are a few subtle signs:

  • Ammonia (chemical) smells
  • Yellowish-brown stains on walls, ceilings, or floors, particularly in concentrated areas such as kitchens or bathrooms
  • Damage to property, such as broken light fixtures, burn marks on surfaces, or modifications to ventilation systems

The cost associated with meth testing depends on what phase of testing you need to proceed to and if there is methamphetamine present.

Scorpion Pest Management services commercial businesses such as real estate, Airbnb, building company’s and residential homes.

Should initial testing (Stage 1) detect a presence of methamphetamine, further action will be necessary (Stage 2 testing) where samples from different areas in the property are sent to a laboratory to be tested individually.

Policies differ, as do insurance companies. You would need to contact your insurance company.

No, Independent testing ensures impartiality and credibility of the results. If the testing and decontamination are handled by the same business, it raises questions about the objectivity of the testing process.

You are welcome to pay by cash, cheque, invoice and we also have eftpos facilities.

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