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Holy snake! Snakes in Tasmania

Snakes In Tasmania

All snakes in Tasmania are venomous. The three species of snake you will find are: Tiger, Lowland Copperhead and White-lipped. The Tiger snake species is the top culprit for snakebites in the state, and second to the brown snake Australia wide.

How to avoid snake encounters

As pest controllers, we often get calls from people who have come across snakes around their home in the past and would like a repellent recommendation to keep them away. Unfortunately, as many experts agree that most, if not all repellents are a waste of time. However, there are some simple ways you can make your property less appealing:

  • Keep grass SHORT
  • Remove water sources close to homes, like ponds and pet water bowls.
  • Remove shelter like piles of rubbish and building materials.
  • Get rid of rodents. By removing the snake’s food source, you are less likely to have up close encounters.

I have found a snake on my property, what do I do?
Our first recommendation would be, do NOT try to kill the snake! Not only does it carry hefty fines in Australia (all snakes are protected) it is also when you are most likely to be bitten. If possible, you should leave the snake alone, most of time they are just passing through. You may wish to call in a trained snake handler to catch and relocate the snake. If you do this, we advise you keep an eye on the snake at all times, so your handler can quickly and safely remove the reptile.

  • I have been bitten, what now?
    Stay calm and ensure the patient remains STILL.
  • Seek medical help. Call 000 immediately.
  • Bandage the area immediately with a broad, firm bandage and cover as much of the surrounding area of limb as possible. (bites are usually on a limb)
  • Splint the bandaged limb.
  • Snake identification is not necessary in Tasmania as all our native snake bites are treated with the same anti-venom.

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