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Bird Control & Gutter Protection

Bird Control & Gutter Protection

Gutter Protection for your home and business

Apart from being a nuisance, bird droppings and nesting material all pose a potential health risk. Thankfully, Scorpion offers solutions to keep them away for good.

Many people only realise they have birds in their roof when they are woken to the sound of nesting. There are very few bird species in Tasmania that will nest in your roof space or under the eaves and most commonly we find starlings and Sparrows are the main culprits.

The common Starling and House Sparrow are in the top 3 most common birds seen in Tassie’s backyards. Both species build large, untidy nests in and around human habitation, such as roof voids, tree hollows or even wall crevices. Both introduced to Australia in the mid 1900’s, their populations have since exploded due to their ability to feed on a wide variety of food, such as insects, berries, and food scraps discarded by people. These birds are known for their adaptability and can thrive in a wide range of habitats, including urban areas.


Starlings are tiny to medium-sized birds with comparable male and female appearances. Their glossy black feathers have an iridescent green and purple shine. They might appear completely black from a distance. After moulting in the autumn, the new feathers have light tips, giving the birds a speckled look.

Starling in flight
sparrow in flight


Sparrows’ legs, feet, and eyes of the male and female are brown, and their beaks are black. Male sparrows have two white streaks on their wings, a grey tail, and a darker underside than female sparrows.

Health risks

Bird droppings from starlings and sparrows can accumulate in urban areas, on buildings, and in public spaces. In some cases, these droppings can harbor bacteria or fungi that may pose health risks if people come into contact with them. Histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, and salmonellosis are among the illnesses related with bird droppings. Inhalation of airborne particles or direct contact with contaminated surfaces can both transfer these illnesses to people.

Property Damage

Because bird droppings are acidic, they can eventually damage building components including metal, concrete, and wood. Structures may be harmed as a result, necessitating expensive repairs. Uric acid in bird droppings can remove paint from surfaces, leaving them prone to severe weather damage.

Environmental Impact

Bird droppings can build up in bodies of water, causing water quality problems and potentially harming aquatic life. Excessive bird droppings can harm plants by compromising plant health and development.

So, what is the solution?

There are many products on the market that deter or eliminate birds from nesting, finding a product that offers permanent deterrence is important because birds tend to come back and nest year after year. Here are the best methods that we apply to homes and businesses to eradicate their bird problem.

Gutter Guard 2

Gutter Guard & Ember Guard

Gutter Guard is an innovative product designed to protect your roof and guttering systems by attaching a material over the exposed gutter, to prevent debris and pest entry whilst allowing water to easily flow through. There are many options on the market but not all Gutter guards are alike, coming in various strengths and features, it is important to choose a quality made product that will maximise the lifespan of your roof and home. Scorpion Pest Management uses a highly durable Colourbond steel gutter guard that looks stylish and comes with a 15-year product warranty.

Scorpion Pest Management has been supplying & Installing quality Blue Scope Steel Gutter Guard & Ember Guard systems for over 10 years.
The 3D pre-moulded Colourbond steel is available in over 20 colours and is specifically designed to fit perfectly to your roof, with no gaps. Best of all, despite being the highest quality product, the cost is comparable to most inferior systems on the market.

Going the extra mile

As part of your Gutter guard installation, we will also clear your gutters of leaves & debris, nesting material and as licensed pest technicians, we’re able to treat the roof space for bird mites as part of the installation service! Servicing Southern Tasmania.

Commercial Netting

Starlings and Sparrows can cause significant damage to horticultural industries and commercial buildings. They can also carry numerous parasites that can pose a risk to food and livestock industries. In many cases, netting may be the perfect solution for areas that aren’t suitable for gutter protection systems. Our highly durable netting is UV treated and is pre-stretched, so it won’t sag over time. Scorpion is able to customise the netting to suit most buildings, according to your needs.

Commercial Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are a form of bird deterrent tool and is intended to keep birds from landing, roosting, or building nests on particular surfaces or buildings such as edges, signs, roofs, and other architectural features.
Bird spikes are built of long-lasting materials such stainless steel, polycarbonate, or plastic. They are made up of rows of sharp or blunt-tipped spikes attached to a base. The spikes are regularly distributed and grow upward from the base, forming a physical barrier that makes landing or resting on the protected surface difficult for birds.

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