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Invasion of the Portuguese Millipede

Portuguese Millipedes were introduced into Australia in the 1950’s and have colonised Southern parts of Australia rapidly since then. They are not harmful to animals or humans, but they can be a significant nuisance when they invade homes and gardens in large numbers.

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Why do i get invaded every year?
Do you have garden beds near the perimeter of the home? Or perhaps you have a large vegetable garden? Portuguese millipedes prefer to live in areas of leaf litter, mulched garden beds and ground area covered with plants. These millipedes are also highly active at night and are attracted to light. We often tell our customers to switch off external lights, and limit the amount of garden and mulch material close to the home.

Why do they let off a horrible smell and liquid substance?
It is a defence mechanism. When Portuguese millipedes feel threatened, they curl up into a tight ball and exclude a foul-smelling liquid, which can stain your surfaces in the house.

Can i get rid of Millipedes myself?
Millipedes are a difficult pest to treat and the best way to keep millipedes out of your house is to stop them from getting in.

  • Seal any cracks and/or crevices in the foundation and around the home.
  • Repair any leaks.
  • Clean out and remove debris from gutters.
  • Remove piled up mulch or woodpiles that store moisture and attract millipedes.
  • Turn off external lights at night and try to reduce the amount of light from the inside too.

Call in the professionals
You may get tired of having to broom up hundreds of millipedes every morning and regardless of what measure you put in place; you just can’t seem to prevent millipede infestations. The most effective way to treat millipedes is to put chemical barriers in place using commercial quality Insecticides.

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