Wildlife control Hobart

Scorpion has permits for wildlife control and work closely with the DPIPWE(Department of Primary Industries,Parks,Water and Environment). We can remove unwanted ducks and birds either domestic or protected. We can arrange, with DPIPWE's help, permits to remove those birds for you. If you have Wallaby and any other wildlife issues we would be more than happy to help you. With our connections at DPIPWE, we are confident we can organise an outcome you will be satisfied with.

Wildlife removal - for homes and business

We are committed to taking care of the Tasmanian native and protected wildlife.

  • Scorpion has or can obtain the necessary permits to trap/remove or control Tasmanian wildlife.
  • We will first employ non-lethal methods such as trapping and relocating. Scorpion also has the necessary qualifications & permits to perform wildlife shooting.
  • Regularly control wildlife for Tasmanian governments & businesses.

Frequently asked questions

Wildlife Removal - For Homes & Businesses