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All standard spray treatments include all areas of the property:
Internal: skirting boards, garages, roof cavity and sub floor space (if you have one)
External: external window & door frames, letter boxes, brickwork, eaves, kids play equipment, bins, power boxes, sheds/patios.

Weather can be unpredictable. If it rains on the day of your treatment, we will contact you and arrange to only spray the interior and come back when the weather improves or reschedule the whole service.

We only use the safest, latest, and fully tested products available. The chemical we use is a water based pyrethroid insecticide. Its formula has been designed to be extremely effective against target pests and low in toxicity to humans and non-target pests. You may be home for the service but please allow internal treated areas to be completely dry before re-entering, also open windows to allow ventilation. In the interest of being extra careful and for peace of mind, there may be situations where we ask you to leave the property during the treatment. For instance, we may have to use gas to control an infestation or if there are young children, you are pregnant, or allergy or asthma sufferers are present.

Our treatments will see a strong reduction in the level of pests. Please allow up to 2 weeks for the ‘flushing out’ period. It is possible that insects such as ants, spiders or cockroaches may venture inside your property after the treatment has been completed. However, there is a very high likelihood that they will have crossed treated areas and will die very soon afterward.

Most of our services come with service warranties depending on the type of pest. Please ask one of our office staff for information regarding your warranty.

If we only spray one area, the pests may infest another area of your home. It is also common, that the source of the issue is from another area of the property. A full indoor/outdoor treatment ensures we effectively reach all potential hiding areas.

You are welcome to pay by cash or card we have eftpos facilities.

Scorpion uses lockable rodent bait stations to treat for rat and mice infestations. The rodent stations are designed to be tamper proof and are placed in areas where children and animals have minimal access too. We use a variety of rodent baits depending on your situation and these baits vary in toxicity. Please speak to our office staff for more information regarding any safety concerns.

The best time to do this would be after the various tradespeople have completed their work. We will need to have full access to the property, and spray treatments must be done after certain renovations, such a painting. This can be discussed with our team members.

All of our safety data sheets are available from our website, please visit our resources page for more info.

Yes. You will receive a detailed service report via email. A service report is a legal requirement to be completed for every chemical service. Your report includes the areas we have treated, chemicals used, weather conditions, any technician comments, recommendations, and payment information.

For more information please call 62685397 or message us on Facebook.

There are several ways for example, blocking small holes so rodents cannot enter your home, keeping food in appropriate containers, removing rubbish and clutter from the home.

For a sure way to get rid of birds in your roof- enlist the help of a professional gutter guard installer. We use quality blue-scope gutter guard and ember guard systems that will stop birds from nesting in your roof and gutter.

Pest control prices vary, depending on the size of the home or business and on what pests are causing the problems, so it is best to contact us for pricing.

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