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6 things to consider when hiring a Pest Control Company

With technology at your fingertips, shopping around for the right Pest Control Company may make life a little easier… and a whole lot more confusing. There are countless conflicting opinions on the net, and the range of choices may be overwhelming. If not eliminated properly, pests can double up over a short period of time, eventually costing you more time and money. You are allowing strangers into you’re home to spray chemical treatments, it’s important they know what they’re doing..

For those, who want to hire a Pest Control company, we have listed 6 important factors to consider:


Almost every state in Australia, requires that technicians be certified and that they participate in yearly training to keep their Certificate current. You may ask to see their licenses, certificates and police checks before they enter your home. A knowledgeable Technician will be able to answer all of your questions and implement the correct treatment plan for your circumstance.


Enquire about how long the company has been in practice. An experienced company will able to solve your problems with the help of advanced techniques and tried and trusted methods. A company with trained, experienced technicians will know what chemicals and methods work and which ones won’t. Additionally, if the Pest Control business has continually built a strong returning customer base over the years, this is usually a pretty good indication their customers are satisfied with the service.


Make sure the company you are hiring is a Registered Australian business with all the legal & necessary licenses and insurances. Is the company bonded and insured? This can be important to both protect your property and protect against liability. Visit the company’s website and social media platforms. Does it appear professional? Is it knowledgeable? Do its values correspond with your own?


One of the most effective ways of determining a company’s reputation from the comfort of your device, is to do your own research on the internet and social media platforms and in particular the social giant, Facebook. Most Pest control companies will have a Facebook page where they will have a review section. In general, the more positive reviews and feedback, the better.


The cheapest Pest control company doesn’t necessarily mean the best. If the treatment doesn’t work the first time, it may end up costing you more to have the job done properly. Look for a company that offers competitive but fair pricing within market range.


Are they willing to discuss low-toxicity options and reducing environmental risks?
Are they responsible about wearing protective equipment when necessary?
What measures do they have in place to prevent unnecessary exposures and accidents?

Successful Pest Control companies will ask detailed questions and make sure you understand the treatment and your responsibilities in making the treatment a success. If you need a local Pest controller, call Scorpion on 0362 685 397

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