Trees planted
National Tree Day

Keen to Get Green campaign

Our quest to focus our efforts on transforming Scorpion Pest Mgt into a more sustainable pest control company began in 2019, with our Keen To Get Green Campaign. Our mission was simple, to reduce our carbon footprint as a company by sourcing more environmentally friendly solutions to our practices, whilst maintaining the efficiency of our pest control services to Tasmanians.

Pest control is a necessary part of life. The monitoring and control of pests from our homes, businesses and farmland is necessary because they not only cause physical damages to the property; they are also capable of carrying life-threatening viruses and bacteria.

With that being said, pest control doesn't need to have devastating effects to the habitat around it, which is why we have taken these important measures to improve our sustainability.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Integrated pest management (IPM) combines the use of biological, cultural and chemical practices to control pests. Using selective pesticides for backup only when pests are unable to be controlled by natural means. IPM programs use current, comprehensive information on the life cycles of pests and their interaction within their environment. In addition to water based chemical treatments, Scorpion will educate customers on their pest problems, to deter future infestations.

Recyclable Rodent stations

Rodent bait stations have several key benefits including keeping the bait protected from pets, children and other non-target animals. They also have another advantage, their material allows them to be used over and over again, reducing the need to create waste. The items we use are of the highest standard, environmentally friendly, and, if possible, produced from recyclable materials.


Sustainable office practices

Not only are we conscious of the importance of reducing our carbon footprint our in the field, we have also focused on our offices. Practices have been put in place to reduce waste, such as;

  • 100% recycled paper. The girls in Scorpion's headquarters go through a lot of necessary use paper, so it was important our paper is fully recyclable.
  • Gone are our printer cartridges. We use cartridge free printing which uses fully recycle ink at the end of its life. They're so safe they can be placed on kerb side pick up.
  • Recycle bins in office kitchens.
  • Shredders to recycle paper.

Paperless business systems

In Pest control, there can be a LOT of paperwork. Anywhere we are able to not only digitalize our systems to save on paper wastage, but create a more efficient experience for our staff and customers, we have. Our fleet of pest technicians are all eqquiped with phones & tablets to manage their day to day services. This may include our booking systems, invoicing, SDS's, CRMS, customer info sheets and much more.

Solar power

Solar powered offices provides long-term and sustainable solutions for Scorpion Pest Management.

  • They don't produce any emissions when producing electricity.
  • Use significantly less fuel then fossil fuel methods of generation.

Workplace environment enrichment programs

Our team has participated in two national tree days, where we donated & planted over a thousand trees in total. We worked with schools and organizations to educate & contribute to National tree day.