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Successful Pest control is more than just spraying chemicals throughout your property. It's about targeted action to eliminate pests QUICKLY with the least possible impact on everything else. It's about a team of highly qualified technicians that care about the safety of your home, your family and your pets. At Scorpion, we utilise modern Pest control products and methods that are manufactured prioritising the health and safety of people, non-target species, and the environment in mind, making us Tasmania's top choice for their Pest control needs.

If you are looking for piece of mind in your home or business, call your local Scorpion team!

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Since 2008, Scorpion has been leading the way in providing fast, simple and cost-effective pest solutions for businesses and homes across Tasmania.

We are a solely Tasmanian owned and operated company, servicing Tasmanian’s state wide. Our company and staff possess all the appropriate Licences, Insurances, National police checks and working with vulnerable people certificates, required to carry out work across every industry, including schools, Day cares and nursing homes.

We have a close working relationship with DPIPWE (Department of primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment) and are held with high regard in the pest control industry with our pest control work ethics.

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Scorpion Pest Management can keep your home or  business clear of all rats and mice. With professional and reliable service and regular scheduled visits.

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Pests are detrimental to business reputations and households. We effectively control a wide variety of pests including rats, mice, silverfish, spiders, fleas, birds, possums, ants, millipedes, wasps and more. Read our common pests guide.

We believe in sustainability and are aware of social, environmental and economic impacts. All our work is performed with the utmost adherence to these values. Our staff practice environmentally safe work practices to protect your business or house and family. We use ecofriendly, child safe pest control methods. Our pest control solutions have your children, family, pets and employees in mind.

We believe in getting the job done thoroughly and effectively the first time, every time.

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At scorpion, we take pride in our service quality, through using local experienced technicians trained to Australian standards.
Jason Eyles Hobart director

Jason Eyles


Tracey Eyles

Tracey Eyles

Business Manager

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Dean Moles

Leading Hand Technician

Pest Control Technician - Brandon Eyles

Brandon Eyles


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Shannon Jones


Nicole Harwood

Nicole Harwood

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“Our Mission is to provide the best pest management services to the community in which we serve, to always exceed customers expectations, to provide peace of mind by protecting your home, business, health and property in an ethical, professional and timely manner. To strive to be a leader in the pest control industry by delivering the best service, using the latest technology, being environmentally responsible and having fair prices.”

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Scorpion Pest Management can provide the best pest control and management services for all Tasmanian homes.

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