Meth Testing – What it is and why you need it


Meth Testing - What it is and why you need it

"Experts reveal that a staggering 1 in 10 Tasmanian properties may contain methamphetamine residue."

Screening properties is a normal practice interstate, and soon will be the same for Tasmania, as a growing number of buyers and landlords are going beyond the scope of the usual Pre-Purchase inspection and including drug sampling and screening as well.

Meth labs in Tasmania are on the rise, as it requires little knowledge to “cook” meth. In homes that have been used as meth labs or where there has been heavy ice use, the chemical residue can ‘stick’ to surfaces such as walls, floors and furniture, and remain there – for years.

“Illicit drug residues are not visible and often there is no chemical odour or smell"

The potential health effects from living in a contaminate property depend on a few factors:

  • What chemicals were used
  • How long a person is exposed
  • The health condition of the person being exposed


Scorpion Pest Management Meth testing service comprises of three phases. Instant, Composite and individual testing.

Phase 1 - Instant Testing

Complete inspection of entire property & proceed with residue swab testing using instant tests. If any of the tests show a positive reading, we will recommend proceeding to phase 2 testing.

Phase 2 - Composite Testing

Complete multiple swabs of individual rooms to NIOSH 9111 Standards, photograph and send to the laboratory for sampling. The composite tests will determine if there are above safe levels of 0.5 in the property.

Phase 3 - Individual Testing

If composite tests show levels above 0.5, phase 3 testing is recommended. Phase 3 will determine exactly what room/area is affected, so that you can proceed with the decontamination process.

Our screening services are conducted using the NIOSH Method 9111 and tested in an Australian based laboratory.


Prices starting at $285

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