Ants & Spiders

Crawling insects are the most common pest problem Tasmanian homes and businesses face. Ant infestations can range from mild to severe, building their nests in your paths, roof, walls and insulation. Scorpion technicians will inspect the property and decide what method of Pest control to use.

Red Back Spider In Hobart Garden
Ant on leaf

Customer Pre & Post Treatment Tips

Preparing you're home or business for a service and following these steps Post-treatment will extend the life of your treatment

  • Complete a general clean of the property.
  • If you have dogs or cats, ensure they are removed whilst the technician completes the service, you may wish to separate them in a pen, on a lead or off the premises.
  • Please don't wash hard floors and windows for up to two weeks after the treatment, to allow the chemical to begin working.
  • Washing carpets shortly after treatment will reduce treatment effectiveness.