Bee & Wasp control Hobart

While Bees & Wasps can be confused for one another, there is a big difference in their behaviour that sets them apart. Bees can only sting once before they die and aren't particularly aggressive but will attack if provoked. Wasps on the other hand can deliver multiples times and are quite aggressive when they face threat to their nest.

Bee control: We endeavor to protect Tasmania's Bee populations where we can. We will employ a local bee keeper to safely relocate hives, however in circumstances where Bee hives are inaccessible, such as roof voids and walls, we will treat the hive.

Wasp control: The most common pest Wasp in Tasmania is the European Wasp. As wasps can be aggressive, the services of a pest control technician are recommended as being the safest and most effective means for the control of European Wasps. It is important that customers have first located the nest, as wasps can travel great distances. Once the nest is located, call our office, and we will treat the nest.

Methods of treatment may include:   
Insecticidal dusts
non-chemical methods such as relocation

Customer Pre & Post Treatment Tips

  • Please locate the Wasp nest before contacting Scorpion.
  • In some cases, bees and wasps may be just swarming, and there may not be a hive or nest on the premises, this is why it is important to locate it first.
  • Please don't attempt to treat the nest yourself, Wasps in particular can be quite territorial.

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