Rodent control Hobart

Rats and mice can very destructive pests, as well as spreading pestilence and diseases. You don’t want to be a sharing your home or business with rodents running around. The first step to treating Rodents, is inspection. Once the Scorpion technicians can establish where the Rodents are, they then deploy various methods such as traps and baits to effectively remove them.

Methods of treatment may include:   
baited stations
preventative measures

Customer Pre & Post Treatment Tips

Preparing you're home or business for a service and following these steps Post-treatment will extend the life of your treatment

  • Complete a general clean of the property.
  • Remove any existing food or water sources such as pet bowls.
  • Cut back overhanging foliage from eaves and walls.
  • Keep children and pets away from baited areas.

Frequently asked questions

Red Back Spider In Hobart GardenRed Back Spider In Hobart Garden


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