Storm – 3kg bait bucket


Storm® is a ready to use rodenticide for the control of rats and mice in and around buildings. It’s active ingredient flocoumafen, delivers a lethal dose in a single feed for the best possible control.

Active: 0.05 g/kg FLOCOUMAFEN

Active Ingredient: A block bait containing 0.005% w/w flocoumafen.
Description: Delivering a lethal dose in a single feed, Storm® eliminates rodent infestations with significantly less bait and up to 25% faster than conventional multi-feed treatments, saving time, labor and money. It is a powerful flocoumafen-based rodenticide, suitable for use in and around buildings. It is effective even against resistant strains, is quicker to apply and achieves faster results than multi-feed rodenticides – complete control, for example, is achieved in only 21 days vs. 28 days.

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