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Since pests are influenced by the seasons, the threats they pose shift as the weather changes. To keep pests out and protect your home from invasion it is important to be aware of seasonal pest patterns and take the proper precautions during each seasonal weather shift. Below we have created a Season Pest Chart to determine the best time of year to have your home or business treated for Pests.

Ant on leaf


Ants are social insects, their colony sizes vary enormously and are most located in soil, wood and among rocks. Ants are commonly observed around foundations and in walls, roof voids, kitchens, lawns and gardens. Ants commonly scavenge in kitchens and other food-handling areas as well as in garbage bin.

Ants are considered by many to be among the most successful of all insects. Ants of common occurrence are small brown ants or small black ants.

wasp on branch in Tasmania

Wasps & Bees

Our buildings and gardens are ideal for wasps because they provide food and an anchorage for their nests. Your fruit trees in your back garden can be a feeding site to many hundreds of wasps in the Summer. If you need to get rid of wasps and/or have a wasp nest on your property the easiest and safest option is to have it treated by a professional pest controller.

Wasps are naturally defensive of their nests and will sting anyone or anything (without provocation) just for walking near to the nest. Wasps nest can be dangerous to handle so if you have a nest close to your home or in your garden you should have it treated professionally to avoid the risk of being stung.

two birds on fence


The most common complaints are birds nesting in roof voids and gutters, but also bird mites which travel from the bird to us. There are many more issues birds can cause to your home and business.

People don’t usually think of birds as a pest however when birds begin to take over you will notice the noise, the droppings and damage they can cause.

Our bird control methods are completely tailored to your individual situation and backed by stringent quality standards. We have a wide range of  cost-effective and humane control measures that won’t harm the birds or disrupt your home and business.

Protecting Wildlife

At Scorpion Pest Management we are committed to taking care of the Tasmanian native and protected wildlife and all animals that may be surrounding your home, including wallabies, possums, deer and rabbits. For example brush tail possums and also ring tail possums are fully protected in Tasmania. You can only trap possums if you have a permit from DPIPWE. If caught with a possum in a trap/cage you can be fined thousands of dollars; this is where we can be of assistance being fully licensed to remove troublesome possums.

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At Scorpion Pest Management we have a range of methods to dealing with millipedes in your home or business. Households can get invasions of millipedes in autumn and spring.

While millipedes live outside and in your garden beds, many millipedes move into the living space of the home, often in great numbers. Millipedes can enter homes by crawling under doors that have missing weather stripping. They also enter homes from the garage or by coming up from the crawl space through the floor.

Scorpion Pest Management will do a millipede treatment plan, which  begins with an inspection to locate the source of the millipedes and how they are getting inside the home and to decide on the best pest control treatment.

Bedbug close up image


It’s important to eliminate bed bugs as soon as possible. They are difficult to rid of yourself but pest control treatment and advice from Scorpion will protect your home from these small pests.

Bedbugs are a blood sucking species of insect who’s bites are not easily felt and move quickly if you move so they are often hard to detect. Flat itchy bumps are a symptom of bedbug bites and can cause an allergic reaction.

Eradicating bedbugs is difficult for the home owner because just changing the sheets or fumigating the bed will not kill the bedbugs.

Scorpion Pest Management uses professional treatments to eradicate them from the rest of the house as they often live elsewhere.

Possum In Tree


Possums are protected in Australia and there are very strict guidelines in place regarding what can and can’t be done. We first fully inspect your home and can advise you on the best option or options.

Brush tail possums also ring tail possums are fully protected in Tasmania, you can only trap possums if you have a permit from DPIPWE.

They can be destructive animals and are capable of causing significant damage to structures and can expose your family to disease.

If caught with a possum in a trap/cage you can be fined 10’s of thousands of dollars; this is where Scorpion Pest Management can be of assistance as we are fully licensed to remove troublesome possums.

Wildlife Control

Scorpion has permits for wildlife control and work closely with the DPIPWE (Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment). We can remove unwanted ducks and birds either domestic or protected. We can arrange, with DPIPWE’s help, permits to remove these birds for you.

If you have deer, wallaby and any other wildlife issues we would be more than happy to help you.  With our connections at DPIPWE , we are confident we can organise an outcome that you will be satisfied with.

Red Back Spider In Hobart Garden


While many spiders are harmless, some varieties of spiders in Tasmania can have a serious impact on your business, home and family. Our spider control strategies can help remove these.

Some species of spiders, like the Redback spider, pose a definite threat to the lives of family and pets.  If dangerous spiders are found in your living environment around the home, some form spider pest control should be implemented.

Even though spider control treatments are by nature short-term, they will break the life cycle of the spiders that are treated, meaning it will take a lot longer for the problem to appear again.

Mouse eating grain

Rats & Mice

Rats and mice can be very persistent and if they manage to gain access into your home or business they can spread these diseases, cause considerable damage and contaminate food and surfaces.

Rats can be quite brazen and are known to bite and their feeding and nesting habits can also be destructive.

As soon as a rat or mice problem is suspected around your home, it’s essential to combat it before the they breed and create an even larger problem.

silverfish bug


Silverfish infestations require professional treatment. Scorpion will be able to assess the situation within your home and determine the best methods of extermination for your specific problem.

Silverfish are destructive pests in the house, consuming and destroying many different and often precious items in their quest for food.  The target paper based materials but also eat all kinds of fabrics. cloths, leathers  and even photographs and can last up to 8 years in the right environment in a home.

If you find evidence of silverfish in your home or business call Scorpion so we can help you manage them and keep your stored items intact for years to come.

"Extremely happy customer! We live in the bush, we get every creepy crawly and then some, in the last 3 years since we started using Scorpion we have literally only had 1 spider inside and that was right before a big storm. Very professional and friendly team, thanks guys."

 Jodie Swan

Tasmanian tiger snake found in hobart


There are three species of snakes found in Tasmania: Tiger, Lowland Copperhead and White-lipped.

All three Tasmanian species are capable of injecting venom, although the venom of the White-lipped snake has never been recorded as causing death to a human.

All Tasmanian snakes bear live young (viviparous). Larger snakes produce more young than smaller females of the same species. There is no maternal bonding between the young and adults. In fact, Copperheads are well known to be cannibalistic, even eating their own babies. All three Tasmanian species are capable of injecting venom.

Scorpion on wood branch


Scorpions are easily distinguished by their 4 pairs of legs, long sting-bearing tail and a pair of pincers on long arms at the front of the body. They are found under logs, rocks and garden mulch. Scorpions eat mostly insects and have an exceptionally low metabolism which means they can remain inactive for long periods of time, feeding infrequently.

Scorpions can sting and cause irritation to children and pets, if you live in bush areas we can help with your scorpion problem.

Blow fly on flower

Flying Insects

There are many different species of flies but the most common being the house fly, lesser house fly, blow fly and the vinegar fly. The approach to any fly control problem involves an inspection of the premises to determine the method of control required. The control method may be of chemical or non-chemical method or a combination of both.

Flying insects of all types can become a problem particularly in the warmer summer months in Tasmania. We are here to help with expert pest control.

German Cockroach


Cockroaches are quick breeders and if left untreated, infestations can spread diseases, bacteria and trigger asthma and allergies, in a short period of time.

The mere sighting of a cockroach can do damage to your business reputation, which is why it is important to act fast, and treat the infestation quickly.

German Cockroaches are light amber-brown in colour, they are commonly found to infest the interior of homes or buildings such as in kitchens, pantries, store rooms or food handling areas.

German Cockroaches can be found behind stoves, sinks, fridges and dishwashers. German cockroaches prefer to be close to food, moisture and warm areas.

The adult life span is 4-6 months, each female cockroach can have 5-8 egg cases and each case can have 30-40 eggs.

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